Farmers are the backbone of Oceania.

This is why it is crucial that the agriculture industry is powered by a reliable energy source. Any downtime or service interruptions could result in a loss of production, which ultimately is detrimental to the wellbeing of farmers as a whole.

PowerLink deeply understands this and therefore are the best positioned to develop solutions for the Agriculture industry.

Our line of agriculture power equipment are the best solution for any farming operation and all farming purposes are given our commitment to reliability and durability.

Our most popular solution for agriculture is our diesel generators, which are hassle-free and are known for their impeccable quality. No matter your budget or prime or back-up requirements, our gensets do not compromise on safety or reliability – our diesel gensets are world-class and are arguably the best gensets for any farming operation in Australia.

Each model comes with the most reputable engines, durable galvanized canopy and bunded long range fuel tank. Depending on your needs, the standard AMF and ATS are also available.

PowerLink is invested in the success of our farmers. This is why the quality of our diesel gensets are also matched by our commitment to great customer service and support. PowerLink is committed to providing the most cost effective product and support package to maximize the success of each farmer who works with a Powerlink product. We want to maximise the success that each farmer who works with us has.

Simply contact us and let us know what your agriculture operation needs and we will happily provide you with the right solution for you.