Event planning can be very stressful.

Especially for large scale events, it is important that all risk is mitigated so that the event runs smoothly.

The last thing you want is for there to be service interruptions or power outages affecting the success of the event.

PowerLink event power equipment is the perfect solution to ensure that every event no matter big or small is powered by reliable energy.

PowerLink Diesel Generators, Lighting Towers and Air Compressors are designed to meet with most of event applications power demands, whether it is needed for power, sound or lighting. Our event power equipment is also engineered to be fuel efficient, quiet, the most wear-resistant and have one of the longest life-spans on the market.

Our event solutions are world class and is arguably the best choice for all event businesses. Rest assured knowing that no matter the needs of your event, PowerLink event power equipment is up for the task.

Specifically, PowerLink event diesel generators and LED lighting towers are specifically designed and engineered for events – which is incredibly important given the specific specifications and requirements needed. Each model comes with the most reputable engines, durable galvanized canopy, soundproof design and bunded long rang fuel tank. Together with friendly and easy operation interface, our Event diesel generators and LED Lighting towers will always be ready for the job when you need them.

We do understand however that your events are unique. This is why PowerLink is able to provide tailored solutions for every single customer. We understand the priorities of event businesses and are best positioned to providing your business with the solutions that are tailored for your event requirements.

Simply contact us and let us know what your event requirements are and we will happily provide you with the right solution for your event business needs.