At PowerLink, we pride ourselves for our mining power equipment, which helps thousands of miners efficiently and effectively get their job done.

Our mining power equipment, including Diesel & Gas Generators, Lighting Towers, and Air Compressors may be used to provide various kinds of solutions for any mining operation, including camps, pumps, crushers, processing plants, lighting and drilling rigs.

We understand that every mining job is very risky and it is critical that machinery used is able to perform 100% of the time and can be relied upon daily. This is why all PowerLink mining power equipment such as Diesel & Gas Generators, Lighting Towers and Air Compressors are built to a high safety standards and are extremely durable and reliable for Australia’s most remote and harshest environments and mines, and ready to have your back when you need it most.

When it comes to the durability of our Diesel & Gas Generators, Lighting Towers and Air Compressors, our products are the best in market. All Powerlink products are highly wear-resistant, anti-corrosive with a galvanised steel canopy, and have a rigid chassis. Our products are also powered only by the best engines in the world. They are also made to withstand temperatures up to 50°C, which is important in a mining context.

All our equipment’s design, production and testing fully comply with European and Australian Standards. Our mining Diesel & Gas Generators, Lighting Towers and Air Compressors also are one of the safest in market, to ensure that our miners are protected and safe in such a high risk environment. Safety features such as emergency stop switches, harness assembly integration, engine fan cover and exhaust jackets all come as standard on all mining power equipment – highlighting PowerLink’s commitment to the safety of our miners.

No two mine sites and job requirements are the same. PowerLink understands that your needs for your mine site and job is unique. This is why we also provide tailored solutions for every single customer. Simply contact us and let us know what your job entails and the requirements you have and we can provide you with a list of equipment that suits your needs.