Power Plants

Even the best power plants in the world require back-up power.

This is because power plants must always be operational given there are many Australians relying upon them for power.

However, unforeseeable circumstances do occur and thus in these circumstances it is essential that power plants are prepared and protected against service interruptions and power outages.

For People living and working in remote area, electricity power supply is critical since it is not as easily available as in the metropolitan area.

Small or mini power station is very important for a big county with vast remote areas such as Australia.

PowerLink understands your needs as a power plant and thus we are the best fit to provide solutions to ensure your power plant becomes known for its impeccable reliability.

Our generators have an output of up to 2MW, and are fueled by either Diesel, Natural Gas, Dual Fuel or Biogas, depending on the needs of the power plant. This is made possible with a synchronization system where multiple generators can be used together to provide an output of up to 50MW acting as a makeshift power station.

PowerLink supplies generator up to 2MW whether it is driven by Diesel, Natural Gas, Dual Fuel, landfill or Bio gas depending on the availability of fuel source.

Through the synchronization system, multiple generators can be used together to provide an output of up to 50MW acting as a temporary or permanent power station.

Through the new internet, cloud technology, the Power Station can also be supervised from thousands of Kilometers away.

With wide selection range of engine and other components, PowerLink can always provide you the solution considering fuel economy, reliability and life time operation cost.

We understand that your power plant is unique. Simply contact us and let us know what your needs are and we will happily provide you with the right solution for your power plant.