Extended Warranty Plan

Extended warranties extend the period of time your basic warranty applies, so that your investment is covered for any repairs and maintenance.

These plans are also known as Product Care Packages, and are extremely valuable for customers who are looking to ensure their investment is well looked after.

Local Distributor Service Agreement

A Local Distributor Service Agreement refers to the agreement between a POWERLINK Local Distributor and a Purchaser of a Powerlink product.

You will be entitled to minimised maintenance costs, and access to world-class support and product knowledge.

Engine Warranty Registration

To show our appreciation that you have become a POWERLINK customer, you will be invited to register for the POWERLINK database.

Your purchased product and its warranty dates will be on record once you complete the information below, and return the form to us.

This will provide safeguards for you as you will be able to access personalised service solutions available to you anywhere in the country. This is a testament to POWERLINK’s commitment to quality and excellence.

A free inspection will be provided to the customers who register their POWERLINK engines.

To receive these benefits, please contact your local POWERLINK distributor.