Natural Gas Cogeneration

Powerlink natural gas cogeneration is a high quality distributed energy product.

Converting clean energy natural gas into electricity and heat, the comprehensive utilisation rate of energy exceeds 82%, saving 30%~40% compared with traditional energy supply methods, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 20%-60%.

Low investment costs and short recycling cycles significantly reduce energy expenditures.

The generated electricity is supplied to the local power facilities, and the remaining electricity is sold to the grid, bringing direct profits; the generated heat is supplied to domestic hot water or space heating.

Powerlink cogeneration distributed energy products guarantee the efficiency and independence of energy use.

Bio-gas Cogeneration

The Powerlink biogas cogeneration unit uses renewable biogas as input fuel to generate clean energy (electricity & heat).

The comprehensive utilisation rate of energy exceeds 82%.

Low investment costs, short recycling cycles, and cost-effective features save customers more than 70% in energy costs while reducing CO2 emissions by over 50%.

The generated electrical energy is supplied to the local power facility, and the remaining electrical energy is sold to the grid; the generated thermal energy is supplied to the anaerobic fermentation system for insulation or as domestic hot water.

Special Gas Generator

We also specialise in Special Gases.

Special gases mainly include liquefied petroleum gas, associated gas in oil fields, coalbed methane, landfill gas, etc.

According to the chemical composition of these gases and the characteristics of the application environment, PowerLink conducts research and development and manufacturing, including in the intake system, engine and main zero.

Unique design of parts selection, box spraying, ease of use and safety to create a high-performance gas generator set.

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