Your family is your number one priority.

This is why it is crucial to protect your family from any mains power service interruptions and power outages should they occur.

Power outages can really affect the wellbeing of your family, considering your home could be hours or days without lights, fridges, TV, hot water or air-conditioning. Households are so reliant on electricity now that it is unaffordable to be without power.

Your family should really be protected by reliable backup power, so that even with a blackout, your family has access.

PowerLink specialises in residential back-up power equipment and thus we deeply understand the needs of your family to provide you with comprehensive power solutions. Our residential diesel gensets are world-class and is arguably the most suitable diesel gensets for all Australian, New Zealand and South Pacific households.

Our residential back-up power solutions are completely hassle-free as we are able to set up and assist you in choosing the most suitable diesel generator for your family. Each model comes with the most reputable engines, durable galvanized canopy and bunded long rang fuel tank. Our generators are all stable, produce relatively low noise, and are able to meet any needs or power requirements. Depending on your needs, the standard AMF and ATS are also available.

We believe that Aussie families deserve care, attention, and a power supplier that is also invested in their family’s wellbeing. This is why the quality of our diesel gensets are also matched by our commitment to great customer service.

We understand that your home is unique. And PowerLink has the expertise in different solutions to suit your residential requirements. This is why PowerLink will provide tailored solutions for each individual customer in order to suit your residential requirements.

Simply contact us and let us know what your requirements are and we will happily provide you with the right solution for your residential back-up needs.