Industry Solutions

Regardless of the industry you’re in, PowerLink premium power solutions has you covered.


Farmers are the backbone of Australia. This is why it is crucial that the agriculture industry is powered by a reliable energy source.


PowerLink mining equipment are design and built to last in the most remote and hazardous environments.

Power Plants

Even the best power plants in the world require back-up power.


The last thing you want is for there to be service interruptions or power outages affecting the success of the event.


We pride ourselves for our construction power equipment – helping thousands across Australia to efficiently get their job done.


PowerLink products are great sources of prime or back-up power generation,  helping you reliably manage risks of production.


Your family should be protected by reliable backup power.

Powerlink Australia


PowerLink Diesel Generators, Lighting Towers and Air Compressors are designed to meet with 99% of the rental applications.


The waste industry is uniquely positioned to turn waste into a power source.


As a Telecom company, your reputation for reliability is the most important asset you must uphold for your customers.


Reliable back-up power that is immediately accessible is crucial for power outages & mains power interruptions for businesses.