Powerlink's Vision & Mission

Powerlink's Vision

Our vision become the most trusted power solutions provider in the Asia-Pacific region by offering the most premium power equipment in the market.

Powerlink's Values

Powerlink Asia Pacific’s Values rests upon “Quality, Efficiency, Trust and Professionalism”.

We believe that our distributors and end-customers greatly trust the Powerlink Brand.

To uphold this trust, we must provide quality & efficient power solutions as well as world-class support.

We also greatly trust our employees and are committed to investing in our people because we believe that their professionalism is what is going to make Powerlink a leader in the industry.

Powerlink's Mission

Our Team

PowerLink Australia builds our company’s success by improving our staff’s capability and hiring the right people to fit into our unique culture.


Grow together with our partners by generating business opportunities and values for deeper cooperation and stability.


PowerLink Australia support in all aspects for the whole society to provide the stable power.