The waste industry is uniquely positioned to turn their waste into a power source.

Regardless of whether it is farming, food processing or land fill, this presents a unique opportunity for businesses to invest in a power system that is able to help them safe money and utilise their waste effectively in the long run.

PowerLink is the leading industry expert in Australia. Our deep domain expertise lies in methane green house gas treatment and power generation. Consequently, we are the best positioned to assist you in developing solutions for Waste. Our waste power equipment are the best solutions for any waste operation given our commitment to reliability and durability.

All our waste power equipment consist of a gas-fired combined heat and power system (CHP biogas generator) with a Biogas pre-treatment system – which are known for their impeccable quality.No matter your budget, our waste solutions do not compromise on safety or reliability – our waste solutions are world-class and are arguably the best available for any waste operation in Australia.

We have a firm commitment to great customer service and support, and are PowerLink is committed to providing tailored solutions for each waste operation to ensure that the specific needs are met.

Simply contact us and let us know what your waste operation needs and we will happily provide you with the right solution for you.